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  • lexus911 -

    Hi tattoomann..
    I have a problem
    Am a member at fs cloud from 2009
    And i step out for a while..
    So am back but i lost my data baes in my profile i was flight offcer
    And i creat new account with the same mail but i found all my data is lost
    There any way to restore it pleas

  • Sergiozaki -

    Hello Tattoomann its me Sérgio , about 2 days iam waiting for an answer form the admin about my lost code for my nick " SERGIOZAKI" so I can continue my VA tours
    Plsss can you help me ?
    My email
    Best regards

  • Oddmagne -

    Hello, can you send me unlock key, LN-ODD, my Emai., Thanks

  • UFL.Mirza -

    Excuse me Sir, i would like to ask for the unlock code for " UFL.Mirza " please. My email is
    My laptop's hard drive was broken, so i lost all files.Or if you can't , who should i contact? Thanks before

  • DanVas15 -

    Dear tattoomann. I would like to change VA from Ryanair to Aeroflot. Thanks

  • Azillion737 -

    Can you send the unlock code to Thanks

  • Joel -

    My dear. is Sound unicom down yet?

  • FreightDawg -

    is there a pilot handbook that i missed?, i'd like to know the procedure on aircraft substitution and also would it be possible to add more freight routes across Asia thank you

  • gamingamer -

    i know how to enter the flight plane by going to navugation the fpln but when i contact to atc and departed it say continue your approch please help me with this

  • gamingamer -

    guys anyone knows here that how do i send flightplan to atc in fscloud x plane 11

  • TADEUSZ41 -

    please send a password LOT4155

  • faultheo -

    A couple of days ago - I sent an email regarding the 2018 EuoTour, adding me to your list. I never received any reply [ so I don't know if I got a yes or no ] so -- ; I did the 1st/ leg anyhow from EKCH - -EPWA. PIREP filed and accepted. What - is that it (?) I see nothing - I am not sure about what this is all for and to what end. The World Tour that used to be here in FSCloud was a good thing - but then it was stopped - a shame. That was a good thing that everybody liked I believe.
    Also in the main VA listing with all the different VA and all the pilots listing in the VA they belong to --- why are certain pilots - why do certain pilots retained all their hours and rankings from the past and others not. Since that last update (?) FSCloud or the FSWire [thing?] change [ I don't know what!!] I lost my hours and ranking, I had been kind of waiting to see if I would regain them without saying anything. Curious and wondering what the deal is.

  • Ahmed -

    Excuse me Sir, i would like to ask for a small favour. If it's not too much, would you please change my VA from Emirates to Universal Airways. Thank you :)

  • UFL.PaPa Bear -

    Tattoomann, How are you sir? Could you give me admin control over my Virtual Airline "Universal Airlines" please. I would like to be able to do more with our community and help out with getting traffic an routes completed and monitored.

  • UFL.Mirza -

    Excuse me Sir, i would like to ask for a small favour. If it's not too much, would you please change my VA hub from EHAM to WIII ? WIII wasn't listed on the hun list before. Thank you :)


    how to create an airline please

  • cherry1012 -

    Dear Tattoomann. I have a problem with Smartcars; I can not login and get this message "account unavailable your account is currently inactive . this could be because of inactivity or a decision made by your virtual airline." , I can open the va app in fscloud but then cannot log onto smartcars. My Pilot ID XXC2775 . I hope you can help me. I was for 4 mount not play the game, i think my account have to be activated. Best Regards

    Ab Korpel ( Cherry1012 )

  • Kane13983 -

    Hi könntest du mir helfen mich bei euch zu bewerben?

  • KLM-SkyTeam -

    Hi tattoomann I have the same problem with activation , have tried to get 9 digits code but get no email can you help me

  • HeyFscloud -

    hi! kenn dich aus twitch

  • faultheo -


    • tattoomann -

      samsung24 new password inside Theo