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  • Mrwells4Q -

    Hi, ive recently uninstalled all my p3d stuff after it messed up including fscloud and fsairlines. Now i can't get back onto my virtual airline account and can't remember how i did it last time. KAA113_Wells is my name. PLEASE HELPPP


    Hi there.. i have upgraded my PC after this im not able to login to FScloud...Can you please help..... it says i need to put some Code or enter my password.. I have entered my password but nothing happens... Could u plz reset my password... Thanks


  • Schemo82 -

    Hey, your server is hacked, i got an e-mail with and they now my Username, please delete my acc. Thx!

  • Sergiozaki -

    Hi , i have the same problem i reinstalled FSClouds , changed machine i dont have the code Pls I whant my nick back " SERGIOZAKI" , my email

  • BigDBlue -

    Hi. Installing FSCloud on my new PC. Will not let me log in. Asking for a "unlock code". Can you help? Phil Raulston, Nick:BigDBlue, N5348PR

  • UFL.Mirza -

    Excuse me Sir, i would like to ask for the unlock code for " UFL.Mirza " please. My email is
    My laptop's hard drive was broken, so i lost all files. Thanks before.

  • Azillion737 -

    Hello, I downloaded FS Cloud, can you send the unlock code to Thanks

  • BTO6174 -

    I have downloaded fscloud...I need a unlock user BTO6174 code sent to, Tankyou

  • Bob -

    I have downloaded fscloud...I need a unlock code sent to

  • sp00ny -

    hi admin du ich würde gerne wieder routen erstellen wie früher ich war bei der ryanair und der einzigste der routen erstellt hat. kannst du mir das nicht einrichten das ich das kann. mein nick ist sp00ny und ich war bei der ryanair der der die routen gemacht hat und mit abstand am meisten flog. da ich am flughafen edja arbeite und die ryanair da stationiert ist würde ich auch gerne die routen anlegen und nachfliegen. danke und bitte um einrichtung.
    herzlichen dank und mal anerkennung und respekt von mir was ihr da mit der cloud gemacht habt. war leider jetzt fast ein jahr weg aber werde jetzt wieder fliegen was geht.
    wenn du mir das mit dem routen erstellen gestatten würdest wäre ich dir dankbar!!
    viele grüße und danke
    sp00ny oder andreas

  • cherry1012 -

    I want to buy the P3D, but i see more then one products on internet, can you tell me where and what is the best to buy the P3D? My Nick name is Cherry 1012.. thanks in advance


    Hi my Nick is not able to login to smartCARS...can you please fix it..thankyou

  • nightbush -

    i cant get fscloud to work on windows 10 on fsx steam
    pls help mee

  • JohnnyA -

    I dowloaded FSCloud v.1 pre beta. Is there a newer version

  • Papaw1 -

    hate to bother you here, but I cant find a way to get a hold of someone. I cant seem to get my 9 digit activation code sent to my email on file. What can we do to get me going in the forums?

    • admin -

      As far as I know there is no confirmation email sent at this time, so your account shold be activated immediately.

  • EVA7638 -

    Can my existing virtual company was added to the inside fscloud va