fscloud xplane plugin on multiple PCs (external views)

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  • fscloud xplane plugin on multiple PCs (external views)

    When running a sim with external views, do I have to install the plugin on each of the PCs? My assumption is YES to see other traffic on the external views.
    How to configure the plugin in such a way that it receives the relevant traffic data to display the aircrafts nearby, but do not send out any data since the external views are PART of that airplane running on the master PC (which reports its own position to the FScloud)?
    That said, I am afraid that my sim will appear as three airplanes (2 external views+ master) if the fscloud plugin does not support such a configuration.

    For example, look at the pilotedge client (pilotedge.net). The plugin takes into account if it is running on the master pc, thus reporting the flights data to the pilotedge server and receiving traffic data to display.
    The plugin running on an external view does not send out but just receives traffic data to be displayed on the external view.

    Any clues?