FSCloud behaviour

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    • FSCloud behaviour

      I installed both the FSCloud client as well as the X-plane 11 Plugin exactly as prescribed for the first time yesterday.
      I saw another aircraft at FAOR (Johannesburg)! By the way not FAJS anymore for a long time.

      X-plane 11 shows that the FSCloud Plugin have been loaded.

      I created a flightplan with FLP Text from FAWB (Wonderboom) to FAPN (Pilanesberg). A distance of about 69nm. I clicked "Change" and the FLP was created.
      Draw FLP shows the flightplan from FAWB to FAPN. Clicked on "FLP Text" and "< " to go back to the Map. Everything seems fine.

      Problem though. ATC gives me Taxi Clearance and eventually Takeoff Clearance from FAWB to 80000 ft. At 8000 ft though it gives instructions to return to FAWB ignoring my Flightplan completely! Why? Is it not supposed to guide me to FAPN 69nm away? On pressing "Dist to Dest" it says 2nm back to FAWB! Cancelled ATC and flew to FAPN myself without any ATC. Frustrating!

      Tried the reverse too from FAPN to FAWB. This time ATC wants me to takeoff from another airport FARG (Rustenburg) a few nautical miles away. No takeoff from FAPN? Will have to taxi overland to FARG!

      What am I doing wrong or is FCloud unable to do such a light?
    • First off: The ATC bot is currently really wonky and is missing a connection to weather data, so it will always put you on a runway that is active at winds coming from 250° and it does not take winds into calculation, which makes it pretty much useless, since you don't want to land with downwinds.

      Also, the flightplan you file on the map is just that, it's so that others can see your route but most just don't do it. For the ATC, you have to make sure to pick the right airport in the ATC overlay. You have to manually change your departure airport and arrival airport midflight