Let's start off this section with some stuff to look at

    • Let's start off this section with some stuff to look at

      Ripped some pics from my IG account. Lazy way of doing things! It's about the planes, not the pics.
      Mostly from EAA Airventure at Oshkosh, some oddities in between. And as you'll notice, I like aviation in general, but love general aviation.
      Bonanza parked at an airfield nearby OSH.
      During Doolittle Raid demonstration. I was fighting my sleep deprivation big time. Needed the Blue Angels to find some energy, again.
      Evening during a shift as flight line volunteer, parking planes waaay down south. It was a busy AirVenture.
      Just after arriving at Oshkosh, at the camp site. We drove in, actually. With a Van stuffed with camping gear, all the way from CO to WI.

      Some formation flying with an RV6.
      Cessna 195. Wow.
      At the seaplane base. Some J3 Cubs & Beaver, true classics.
      Some slightly less vintage float planes. Nice couple of Cessna's.
      And a big modern beast at EHAM. For weight & balance purposes.
      First production Cessna 172! Gorgeous aircraft.
      Cessna 195, after shower.
      Evening at the Early Birds Fdn at EHLE. Fokker Dr.1 (replica), Fleet 7, SV4, Sopwith Pup (r), Nieuport 28 (r). Gypsy Moth up high.
      And an Early Birds Buecker (Casa) Jungmann in the cold open.

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