X-Plane plugin port

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    • X-Plane plugin port

      As an X-Plane user under Linux I was curious to see whether FSCloud could be running under Linux also and did some investigations.
      I got good results by running the Windows client under Wine which seemed to work.
      Now what is left is to get a decent X-Plane plugin for Linux to make it connect to the cloud client.
      From a different discussion here I know that the code is not so complex and will most probably work if being ported to Linux.
      So I am renewing my offer to do that port and investigate in this. All I need to do that is access to the Windows plugin code for X-Plane.

      Is there a chance to proceed further and grant me that access? I'd really love to try that and support you guys here.

      Thanks in advance,

    • Re: X-Plane plugin port

      "admin" wrote:

      Thank you for the offer. We cannot give out the source code so far, anyways, there should be ways to port WIN to LIN/MAC. I will have a look to tools like visualgdb.com/tutorials/porting/linux/ as soon as the WIN fscloudplugin.xpl is ready. If you know other or smarter ways let us know :)

      Well my offer stays valid. If you need help for testing or porting of the plugin just give my note.
    • Re: X-Plane plugin port


      u in general good with xplane plugins?
      Right now, in the process of recoding the whole fscloudplugin, having probs with loading livery textures over the plane objects (we wanna use objects instead of AI planes with next release). So ... it is no problem to load i.ex. a CSL object file, but it seems tricky to spoil over the livery .png textures (using OpenGL and libpng or similar).

      Not sure if you are into that at all, but well, worth the try :)
    • Re: X-Plane plugin port

      Just for update, I managed to solve the livery problem. Now just a few probs remain, like that up to now I didnt get the beacon, nav, strobe lights to flash as I would like them and also I dont know yet exactly how to simulate the gear with these objects :/